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Handmade with lots of love

Our tutus come in a variety of color options. Each tutu is created with super soft nylon tulle and a 3.5in. wide elastic band. We use 50 yards of tulle for all baby tutus ( 0-24 months ), 75 to 100 yards of tulle for all toddler tutus ( 2T-5T), and 100 to 150 yards for kids sizes 6-12. This gives each tutu a very full and fluffy look.

Perfect for every occasion

Our tutus are perfect for every occasion. Great for Halloween, Birthdays, Cake Smash Photos, Photo Shoots, Birthday Pictures, Dance, Newborn Photos, Holidays, Costumes, Dress Up, Christmas and even everyday wear.

Tutus will be made according to the onesie® or shirt size picked. If you need the tutu in a specific size that does not match the onesie® or shirt size you’ve picked, please leave a message with the size you’d like.

Our onesies® are created with either Gerber 100 % organic cotton onesies®, or Carter’s brand bodysuits. Our designs are created using high quality heat transfer vinyl (HTV) that does not peel and comes in an endless variety of colors, glitters and designs which allows for a wide range of customizations.

Please refer to our sizing chart when choosing which onesie® to buy.

Matching headbands

Made with a super soft and stretchy nylon band and shabby flower(s). Our headbands are one size fit all ( from newborn to adult ), and will not leave a mark on your little ones head. If you would like to replace the headband with a clip, please add a note with your purchase and we will make the change.

As always, customizations are welcomed. Shoot us a message and let us know what you want and we will make it happen!

Note: Colors and patterns may vary

>>>>Onesies® is a registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear<<<<


Jack Wills



Case Depth Approx:


Case Material:

Gold Ion-plated Steel

Case Shape:


Clasp type:

Push-button Deployment

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  1. Matt

    Great watch–very comfortable and readily easy for an old man to decipher!

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